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Release Announcement Bitcoin Classic 1.3.8 uahf

Bitcoin Classic updates the 1.3 version with various bugfixes.

In the 1.3 series of releases Bitcoin Classic started supporting Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is the improved version of Bitcoin, removing the barriers to growth and removing lock-in created by a centralised development team.

Bitcoin Classic is the front runner for Bitcoin Cash, here are some of its features;

  • Full Bitcoin Cash support, using the UAHF codename. A zero-config download is available.
  • Full zero-fee transaction support. From relay for others as well as creation in the wallet and mining.
  • Much improved networking and peer selection.
    • Introduce DNS seeds that specialise in high-quality nodes.
    • Allows users to migrate from a Bitcoin Core (up to 0.14) node to Bitcoin Cash without a blockchain re-download.
    • Separates legacy and cash nodes at the network protocol level. This makes sure all outgoing connections will be to Cash nodes.
    • Ensure we connect to Xthin capable nodes (default 3) as block propagation is much cheaper that way.
  • If transactions from the BTC branch are in the wallet, ignore them in the Bitcoin Cash GUI and vice versa.
  • Support payment requests using the 'bitcoincash:' URI. Separately, support new address-type for payment requests.
  • Much improved log-file support. Including runtime reloading of config-file using SIGHUP.

Bugs fixed in 1.3.8;

  • 25aed6b Fix reindexing not stopping in normal GUI shutdown
  • 9ee6af0 Fix node getting stuck AT the fork block
  • 2c4f6a8 Avoid banning CASH nodes while doing the initial block download
  • 9f7dfeb Avoid multiple reconnects to useless nodes
  • 8c35e21 Remove mempool.clear() when we start UAHF chain

And various minor bugfixes and updates.

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