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Release Announcement Bitcoin Classic 1.3.6 UAHF

August 30th, 2017.

Bitcoin Classic updates the 1.3 version with various bugfixes. We added some solutions for Bitcoin Cash based nodes where some users reported them having a database inconsistency which caused them to get stuck.

After the successful creation of Bitcoin Cash we proudly present the stable, most user friendly Bitcoin full node that allows you to choose the Bitcoin you want.

  • Full Bitcoin Cash support, using the UAHF name. A special download is available.
  • Ability to automatically migrate and separate out the Bitcoin Cash data from the traditional chain. This allows users to run two nodes, each following a different chain.
  • Faster re-connecting to Bitcoin Cash capable nodes by remembering which nodes support it.
  • Full zero-fee transaction support. From relay for others as well as creation in the wallet and mining.
  • Much improved log-file support. Including runtime reloading of config-file using SIGHUP.

Details added in 1.3.6;

  • f8c29ab6 Cleanup UAHF activation, use blockheight instead.
  • a1e26c65 Call reconsiderblock to salvage a corrupted database
  • f57d9c19 Usability: This param being 'amount' was not clear.
  • 0c3c2148 Fix log-levels for many cases.
  • b466f09e Make libevent/http use the right log levels
  • ffed8df6 Update OSX MIME type for .bitcoinpaymentrequest files, rename identifiers
  • 6a777cc7 Remove unused includes

And various minor bugfixes and updates.

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