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Release Announcement Bitcoin Classic 1.3.0

July 28, 2017.

Bitcoin Classic releases its full node software with some exciting new features.

In the release cycle leading up to this release we focused a lot on making the codebase more maintainable which is an investment in the future productivity of developers. Many components have transformed from just a bunch of loose details all over the codebase to actual components with docs and usable APIs.

This will have less visibility on the end user for now, but here are the actual end-user visible changes.

  • Introduction of Bitcoin Cash (UAHF) support.
    Users can pass in the -uahfstartime flag in the config file to turn the node from one that follows the main chain into one that follows the bitcoin cash chain. There is a special 'uahf' download available that sets this flag automatically for maximum convenience.
    Please note that mining is not supported yet.

  • Introduction of a new logging framework. This component introduces features that allows developers to move their logging needs out of the way of end-user logging needs thereby making it much more useful for the end user.
    This includes auto-re-loadable log-config and log-levels configuration per section.

  • Config file / commandline argument improvements.
    Incorrect flags are no longer silently ignored, users will be notified and get the opportunity to correct their mistake.

  • Support up to GCC7.

  • Fixes 'advertiselocal', to avoid spamming peers with your IP address too often.

  • Move to OpenSSL 1.1

  • Move to the upnp lib that fixes a security issue.

For more help with installation, and instructions how to download please visit

Download page | UAHF release Download page