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Bitcoin Classic Closing its doors

Bitcoin Classic was started in early 2016 with the clear intention of coming back to the coin that Satoshi indicated as his goal. Now this goal has been reached we will step down.

When Classic started, the decision was to go for the lowest possible upgrade from 1 MB to 2 MB. It would avoid any technical complications and would lower the bar so far that we could not logically go any lower. It was the last, best, offer for peace.

Over the next 2 years a lot has happened. A lot of very competent people have attempted to do what Classic attempted. With grander and fairer offers and still ultimately the lowest demand for growth. And all failed to move the Legacy Bitcoin chain towards a scaling solution. Any scaling solution! With the New York agreement failing just this week, we can be certain that the people that control the Bitcoin Legacy chain would rather go down with their ship.

I called it the "Bitcoin Legacy" chain because of its inability to allow growth and the chains heavy divergence from the Satoshi vision.

Bitcoin Cash

Classic was right there on the front line when the Bitcoin Cash chain started, having the most up-to-date releases (8 releases in 2 months) and the best and easiest migration strategies for users to sell their Legacy coin for Cash coin.

The fact that the Legacy chain is stuck at 1 MB, and likely always will be, confirms the Cash chain's viability. (more). Now the market will decide.

And that means that Classic has fulfilled its promise. It is now up to you which chain will gain the most traction. It is now up to the next billion people to start to use Bitcoin Cash. In at most 6 months I'm sure we'll just drop the "Cash" and call it "Bitcoin".

People that run Bitcoin Classic are urged to migrate to any of the alternative wallets or nodes. And I am serious about this because the recent versions of Bitcoin Classic will stop following the main chain in a matter of days or weeks. Please don't get caught by surprise.

Tom Zander -- release manager of Bitcoin Classic