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Bitcoin Classic for developers.

Bitcoin Classic is an open source project that is hosted on github.

In Bitcoin Classic we have been working on several projects which are either shipped or in progress of being developed.


The number one problem to solve is the block size issue. We can't get any growth if we have no way to store new customers' transactions. Bitcoin Classic ships a solution which is explained here.

Flexible Transactions

Flexible Transactions is a solution for a series of problems that were present in the initial version of Bitcoin. The most well known of which is the transaction-malleability issue.
FlexTrans is a protocol upgrade that is in the finishing state of research, but the actual roll-out plan to integrate this into Bitcoin is still being decided.

Admin Server

An usable but unfinished technology that allows the Classic full node to be used much more fully by providing various APIs for external projects to query and submit data from and to the Bitcoin Network.

Network Manger

This is a low-level component supporting a new way to connect to a node and in future between nodes.